Thursday, September 15, 2011


Can I just say, how truly truly truly sorry I am for not being a regular blogger? More so to myself than anyone else. (Yea right, as if people come across my blog and  actually read the dodgy stuff I rant about )

7 Weeks

Post 7 weeks of the academic year commencing, and we're hit with mid-semester exams. This is probably the 1st time that I'm exposed to the semester system, having been habituated to an annual system, which now I realise, makes a person lazy and less productive. I knew what I was up against, but I wasn't sure whether I', prepared to deal with this. Imagine, my whole school life, plus undergrad- it's been the annual system throughout. Consequently, the syllabus, readings, assignments, all of that were comparitively laid back and "growing" wasn't substantial. It's safe to say, that this new campus feeling of being in JNU has  catalyzed my thought processes which I thought never existed. Of course it's exciting and intimidating because no one knows where we all stand in class.

In other news, this will be my first attempt to join a student executive body (I have always been the 'artsy'/social kind, never political), but hurdles are to be dealt with and strategies are undergoing make-overs. The ISA (International Students' Organization) is what I gather, serious business in the past few years. Never mind this organization, ANYTHING political is serious business in this university, particularly pertaining to the Left. Yet these competing ideologies and parties are phenomenal when getting their points across because most of them would stick giant posters on walls, all over campus. I think I'll post those soon! And it never does get violent. (Learn, Tanah Airku!) All in all, my first mission is to get support from what a friend calls the "Power Bases" of the international students, in other words, countries that have a majority of students, in this case- China & Korea. It will be hard to infiltrate into these cults as they already have existing communities. Expand, people! Nothing too ambitious this year, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the post of General Secretary. VOTE FOR ME, I'll totally be your best friend

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mid Start

It's past mid-year. I promise I'll blog more often! Where to start's been quite a tumultuous year, never mind what I call "Black Wednesday".

A little past 10 am today, there was a bomb blast at the Delhi High Court with recent reports of 12 dead and 61 injured. I will never fail to understand how violence is the solution for obtaining a certain demand- and those demands are most likely benefiting a handful or none at all.
Political tactics and strategies, lives of others in exchange for a certain deal. International politics today has been mutilated into interest of States- correction, the elites and executives. In my opinion, the Anna Hazare cause was a deviation for a hidden agenda. How can one not be prepared when warning signs have already been flagged from a given period of time? Once disaster strikes, those with a high-roller safety net can only "condemn the cowardly act", "regret the mishappenings" or "console" by saying that we shall not "succumb".
I came across a tweet: "Delhi will not succumb to terrorism, but politicians and heads will sit idle and suck thumb!" Point well-placed.

to be continued..

Friday, May 6, 2011

It's The Countdown to Real Life

As we leave the beautiful and historic building of Miranda House, we take with us memories and ghosts of 3 years past- which seemed like a whole different lifetime when we look back. I'm absolutely amazed by how much I, personally, have grown in 3 years! Let alone the lovely people who stepped into my world and made it all the more worthwhile.

This post would probably be re-edited over and over so that I can scour for pics and show them to you and share the awesome time I've spent in college and the best friends whom I'll keep for life.
The juniors (mostly 2nd years) who were part of the Student Union, and teachers put together for us (the final year kids) a "Graduation Dinner"- which is like a pre-graduation informal get together kind of setup, to wish us luck. Yes, you must be wondering why it's called "graduation" dinner when we haven't "graduated" yet, it's because our University does not have a ceremony where people where togas and stuff (atleast for the Undergrads) which sucks, but nonetheless! We got to dress up and savor our last few moments in college. Of course, my class is an amalgamation of a crazy bunch of girls- though we may not always get along with our viewpoints sometimes, it doesn't mean we don't give a shot at well, taking shots IN college- HA!
I'm not sure how I'll be able to cope with not having a routine of meeting my classmates and friends EVERYDAY and having coffee, chilling at the back gate, eating, eating, and more eating anywhere and everywhere, Kamla Nagar market, PG, neighboring colleges, college fests...just minor things that apparently make up a MAJOR part of our days.
I've come to know strong, independent, smart and intelligent women- some even foolish too but hey, that makes it all the more less boring

Never will I forget ANY of these girls and I hope facebook atleast helps us to stay in touch, to say the least. Don't want to jinx anything so I'll not say anymore except, Best of Luck lovelies for the exams- this is for the home run so we gotta do it right!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Deep Trouble

Yes, I smelt it at the end of 2nd term when my parents were sent a letter on my "low attendance". The University has this rule that we have to have a minimum of 66.7% attendance every year to be eligible to appear for the final exam (the externals). I had one more term to up my attendance after a 55% .
After being confronted by my parents about the letter, all I could say was- because whenever I wasn't attending class- I was HOME, like a good girl- didn't go to places or wherever. Probably did once in awhile, during college but not in the final year as much as I did in 1st year.
Anyway, my parents got super strict after this and even somehow convinced me to go to college when I was majorly SICK!!!
Long story short, I couldn't really get to that number, but certainly upped my attendance to a 60+% However! It wasn't enough to get my admit card (an exam pass sot of thing) so a few days ago, my friend calls me up to tell me that quite a few of us are on a list for short attendance and our names have "HOLD" on them, which probably meant we might not get the admit cards. This couldn't be happening, RIGHT?! After calling a bunch of other people on the same sinking boat, we decided to stay calm until they, the office, University, college, whoever, was done harassing us emotionally.

FRIDAY, April 29th 2011- Admit Card day. A LOT of commotion as to what the teachers have deliberated, whether they're helping us out or not, do the stats of some of us match up, changes in the stats..blablabla..
Luckily, I don't do much work and have reliable sources who have told me that my name was OFF the list! YAY AGAIN! It took TWO hours for us to get the damn sheet of paper from the mentioned time!
And finally, when they came, I crossed my fingers, stood in line- only for the admit card to be HANDED TO ME YES, those were my exact reactions..and my juniors called out " got it? oh yea..she got it..HAHAHA"

At the same time, I'm sad that my one of my best friends couldn't get we're waiting for good news for her..

(wasn't that just so anti-climax??)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

It Is That Time of Year Again..

Yes, it is the time of the year for some Season's Greetings and good prevail on earth
What a way to start the new year- cooped up at home studying. Well, we always have the option of taking it easy for the internals..except only those who don't really care about college can afford to do that, unless they're brilliant of course. For most of us final year students, of course this is DREADFUL!
It makes it seem like Santa's making us pay for being naughty all year and is washing his hands clean, tsk tsk

So much for a brilliant start to a new year.
Here's to a new start with a new chapter to everyone else at peace
(trying to make myself feel better )

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Katy Perry - An INSPIRATION!

OK, I'm not a stalker or anything BUT if i had the chance to stalk Katy Perry- i WOULD! She got married in India recently :'( *sigh* the closest i ever got to being near KP! (LOL, that's pretty gay and desperate, HAHA) Jokes apart, I think Katy is an inspiration and her music isn't senseless pop. True, it's catchy but it doesn't mean that it isn't relevant in your life :P She makes fun music, and simply enjoys what she does. Not to mention that i LOVE her quirky and colorful fashion sense. LOVE ♥. This video is from one of her songs from the album "Teenage Dream" (the title song which i love too!) called "Firework". Hope you guys enjoy the video as much as I have :)